Feb 5, 2020

Because Life Is Good ~

Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved...

Once again I am awake too early.  I have been awake
 since 1 AM, but just got out of bed because Sniff was all 
snuggled up to me.  Did not want to move until he did.  Once 
Sniff got up so did I.  Sniff has already been brushed,
 and is back in bed.  Wish I could do the same.

I know it's a little too early for cafe, but why not.  
Not going to go back to sleep anyway.  Have been thinking 
about my parents soon leaving and I am sad. 

Yesterday my mom wanted Pizza and a little more it was.
I am happiest when I am doing for others, and when 
it comes to my mom and dad nothing will ever be
 enough, but I try and I love the times we share.

What my parents have done for us, have sacrificed for us
is something I will never take for granted.  I will forever
 be in debt to them and no matter what anyone says, I
 can never do enough to ever repay all their kindness 
and hard work.  But I will never stop trying either.

Nina, David and Texie came over for a visit yesterday.
It was good seeing them, spending time with them,
 but best was to see that Texie was doing great. 

 He has been diagnosed with cancer, but just looking 
at him you would never know.  We are all hoping
 the vet made a mistake.  We all love Texie.

Wishing everyone a day made up of
 wonderful moments and memories
 that last forever.  

Looking forward to seeing my mom and
dad again and spending time with them.

Life can be simple and beautiful.
 Focus on the good things...