Feb 13, 2020

Thursday ~

I may not have gone where I intended to go,
but I think I ended up where I needed to be...

No better way to start the day than by being
 held on to by Sniff.  We love our morning routines. 
 He gets brushed and petted even before he eats
 and I have my coffee. He demands it.

 If he does not, he will cry and cry until I 
brush him.  No matter how early or how late 
I wake up, Sniff gets his brushing first. 

 After brushing he gets a little frisky and grabs
 on to me in a playful mood.  Some of my
 favorite times of the day is spent bonding
 with Sniff.  I love him very much.

Once again awake too early.  Hope to get
some more sleep otherwise I will not be able to keep
up with Aleah and Vanessa our 2 granddaughters.
 As all kids their energy is limitless.  Love it.

Good morning to all.  Another good day awaits us.
Wishing you all the same.  Happy Thursday friends.

Life is good.  Sometimes we forget...