Feb 17, 2020

Hello New Week ~

Silence is true wisdom’s best reply...

Our week began really good.  First of All Reshma 
made it safely to Australia.  After days of travelling
 and some sightseeing, she's "home"  Home for the next
 4 months.  A sigh of relief was breathed by all of us.  
Our "little" girl is safe.  We are happy again.
She already has an Australian number.

Yesterday we too our two granddaughters to the Miami Zoo.  
I really love zoos.  The girls loved the squirrels best.

Monday began really well.  After breakfast we
 enjoyed some time on the balcony. It was nice and quiet 
on the waterways not many boats passing by today.
  It was the perfect way to start our day.

Making our day even better we went for a drive to Miami Beach.
Work and some fun times combined in one.  Love it.

To all a great start of the week. 
 It's looking to be a good one here.

The measure of wisdom is how calm 
you are when facing any given situation...