Feb 14, 2020

Make Today Amazing ~

Great things never come from comfort zones.
People only get better with experience if they are 
willing to learn and understand the lessons that are 
given to them through the bad times in their lives...

Wishing everyone a happy Valentines Day. Sniff and
 I have already had our little us time.  Now we are 
waiting for Arvid to get out of bed and join us.

Yesterday we had Michelle, Emil and our two 
granddaughters at our place for a little visit.  We 
had a very good time until something made Sniff 
snap and hiss at Aleah in a very bad way.  Scared 
us all, and it traumatized Sniff in a bad way.

When everyone arrived Sniff is always friendly.  
He checked everyone out and all was good.  Here
 you see he and Aleah bonding, but I don't know 
what happened.  Neither Arvid nor I have ever seen 
Sniff like this.  It was scary. When we were in bed 
Arvid said to me, "do you believe in witches?"
Maybe some bad spirit took over Sniff?

Little Aeah was very scared as were all of us.  
This is not good because as they were all leaving
 Sniff peaked out, saw Aleah and hissed again.

Will be seeing everyone a little today, thankfully
 not here at home.  I'm a little concerned what Sniff
 might do, how he would react. And of course I 
don't want to have the girls scared of him. 

 Sniff is the most friendly and loving kitty there is and
 that's who I want then to see.  Because Sniff after all 
is our baby.  I have to make sure he is always OK.

Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day.  Not 
everyone has someone to spend this day with, but 
I think it is up to us to make ourselves happy.  

There was a time I had no one either to spend 
Valentine's day with, truth is I really don't consider 
this day any more special that any other day.  

When I was alone, I always knew how to be
 happy with myself, and I still do.  One does not need 
another person to make you happy.  Yes, it's nice 
and it feels good, but as far as I am concerned 
it's only up to me to make me happy first. 

Happy day to all.  Make it an awesome one.

Loving is not just looking at each other,
 it’s looking in the same direction. Every day I 
wake up next to you feels like Valentine's Day