Feb 9, 2020

Sunday Morning ~

If the sun comes up, 
I have a chance...

Once again it's too early for this.  Been awake
 since 1 AM, and got out of bed by 3:15 AM together 
with Sniff.  Sniff of course had lots of brushing, love 
and foodies.  Like all smart kitties, he's back in bed. 
 Exactly where I should be.  Hopefully I will.

I know that I will be very tired later on today, 
but for now I am wide awake.  We have had a very 
good weekend so far, and it's not over as yet.  

Yesterday we went for a long walk along the River
 and as always there was something going on in the 
park.  So happens there was music.  It just happened 
to be the Blues.  We got something to drink and
 stayed for a little, then walked back home.

When I wake up I miss my mom and my dad. 
 I miss going to their "home"  I miss going 
with her to have breakfast or just coffee.  

More soccer on today for Arvid.  He's happy.  The 
last few days he was getting restless because we have
 not been on the move so much.  Arvid and I need to be
 in constant motion otherwise we get restless and bored. 
 Not so sure this is always good.  Especially not for me.

Yesterday Arvid saw pictures of Brutus on my laptop.  
The kitties are by background picture.  He stopped,
 and he said, "it's boysie"  After that we were both quiet 
for a long time.  I cried😿.  We really miss our Brutus,
 and Arvid wiped his😢😢 eyes several times.  Life 😢

Good morning everyone.  I think I may go back 
to bed and hopefully sleep a little more.

Today will be a good day. So wake up and smile.
 It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.
 As long as we are together, it will always
 be a beautiful day. Good morning...