Feb 16, 2020

Hello Sunday ~

You can learn many things from children.
 How much patience you have, for instance....

The girls woke up a little before seven this 
morning wanting to go to the toilet.  Both Arvid
 and I got out of bed made sure they were OK.  

After making sure all was good the said they 
wanted to lay down a little more.  Arvid went back
 to bed with Sniff and I well I am always awake. 
 Last night even Arvid did not sleep much.

Unfortunately Sniff and Aleah do not get along.  Sniff 
is good with Vanessa, our youngest granddaughter, 
but somehow as soon as he sees Aleah something
 sets him off.  Little Aleah is terrified.  That made
 Vanesssa scared of Sniff also.  Very, very sad.

Girls are out of the bedroom.  Watching TV.  Time
 to make them some breakfast.  Good morning everyone. 
 Sunday is here.  High alert again here at home, at 
least the girls slept really well.  Happy for that.

You will not get what you want, 
you will get what you need...