Feb 15, 2020

Rainy Saturday ~

Be happy for this moment. 
This moment is your life...

It Saturday and it's raining here in Fort Lauderdale. 
 Even so, the boats keep on coming.  Makes for good views
 always.  Rain or no rain always something to see.

With so much boat traffic I keep running in and out 
all the time.  You would think I would be tired of seeing
 this day in and day out, but the truth is I love it.  We love it.

Yesterday we had an enjoyable time with family.  We all 
went out for lunch and everyone enjoyed their foodies.

We are having a good time with everyone and enjoying 
our time with the grand kids.  They have a lot of energy 
and we are doing our best to keep up.  So far so good.

Arvid, Sniff and I are having a relaxing time at home.
Sniff is sound asleep and Arvid is doing what he loves. 
 Life is good and we are grateful and thankful.

Wishing everyone a happy Saturday.  My niece Reshma
 is in Singapore and she's loving it.  Yesterday she toured the
 city a little and told her mom, "mom I want to stay here."  

Her final destination is Australia, where she will be
 for 4 months.  Part of her curriculum.  She will be "working" 
in conjunction with others on the bush fires in Australia. 
I am very proud of this girl.  She is a force all on her own.

Reshma, keep your eyes on the stars and
 your feet on the ground.  I love you.

Not how long, but how well
 you have lived is the main thing...