Feb 27, 2020

Quiet Day ~

Happy girls are the prettiest...

Somehow the day feels quieter than usual.  The little
 ones are gone.  No running to see them today.  My heart
 aches because suddenly the thought of not seeing 
Vanessa's happy face is making me very sad.

On their last day, yesterday we did quite a few things. 
 First call of the day was a little manicure for the
 two girls.  Courtesy of their grandma.  Me

Their last meal in Florida for this time was at Bahama Breeze, 
where each little girl had their own Strawberry Daiquiri,
which neither of them drank, but they sure look adorable 
in the pictures with it, so it was definitely worth it.

Life goes on.  Arvid is already busy with his "stuff"
and right now it's Puerto Rico.  Every so often he says, 
"I have found our unit in PR."  And I respond, "again?"

Our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico will be at this resort.
This time we look forward to long walks along the beach.

Thursday is looking to be quiet.  Relaxing at home.  
Arvid is tired of eating out, so for the next few days we 
will be eating in.  Meaning I will be cooking.  I like to
 cook, just hope Arvid gets the crave to eat out
 by Sunday.  As of this minute he says, "no"

Happy Thursday all.  A cold front is heading our way.

If we would just slow down, 
happiness would catch up to us...