Feb 8, 2020

Life Is Good ~ Because I Choose To Make It So

The most beautiful view 💞 is the one I share with you...

I try to always stop whatever it is I am doing to just 😍
be thankful and grateful.  Life at times can be challenging, 
but when we stop and reflect, one realizes that it's not that 
bad after all.  There are so many having hardships 
and rougher times than we can imagine.

Stupidity 😠 is no excuse for getting run over.
 Hopefully they will catch the driver who ran over
 these two Norwegian tourists.  Hopefully 😠 a lesson
 will be learned here, as in if you're too drunk to stand
 it's time to go home and maybe stop drinking 😠.

Though yesterday started out wet and, windy
 and on the cooler side, by the afternoon it was much
better.  Still "cold" for Arvid, but not so much that we
 could not go out for a little afternoon stroll.

Saturday is looking good.  "Cooler" start
 of the day, but that's just perfect to open up the
 doors and windows to get some fresh air in.

Arvid still asleep and Sniff also went back to bed
after being brushed.  Sniff still not eating like
 he should, and I don't know why.

Wishing everyone a happy day and don't forget that it's
 all the little adventures that make life a BIG adventure.

Use your precious moments to live life fully 
every single second of every single day. 
 There are no ordinary moments...