Feb 18, 2020

Zoo Miami ~

After a good dinner one can forgive
 anybody, even one’s own relations...

Unfortunately we did not get to see everything
 at the zoo.  I had big hopes for all of us, and was hoping 
everyone would enjoy the experience just as much.
 There is always another time.  That's for sure.

I loved the Flamingos.  Amazing colors.  At least I thought so.

The tiger garnered a little interest.  Not much but some. 
 I thought it was an amazing creature. Regal and powerful.

The squirrels were running around all over the place.
It's the one the girls loved best 😃😃.

The Camels were not of that much interest to the girls.
I thought they were quite impressive. 

I also thought the elephants and Hippos were super cool to see.

The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens,
 also known as Zoo Miami, is a zoological park and 
garden near Miami and is the largest zoo in Florida.

After the zoo it was nice to sit down and
have our Sunday outing.  Was very relaxing,  
the food was good as were the drinks.

After lots of running around it was
 good to go to the hot tub and relax.

Reshma is loving life in Australia.  She texted and said to me,
 "you know auntie Nad, I am still a little jet lagged, but that's
 OK because I am meeting so many nice people here"

The morning is looking already excellent. 
Coffee on the balcony and all is quiet and peaceful.
  The boats will soon start to head this way from the
Miami Boat show.  Will be a few very interesting
 days here on the water. As it always is.

Good morning everyone.  The art of being wise 
is the art of knowing what to overlook.

To be richer, happier, and freer,
 all you need to do is want less....