Feb 25, 2020


A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself...

Yesterday we had a relaxing time at home.  
Arvid met with a friend from Norway, we then went 
to Miami and it was back home for a few games 
of soccer.  Very relaxing and peaceful.

Yesterday was also special because we were 
treated to a delicious dinner by Michelle and
 family and also by Victoria and Michael.  It was 
dinner with a view.  Spent with loved ones.

Tuesday is looking good.  Will be seeing
 everyone again today.  Today is Michelle and 
family's last day here for this time.  

They leave for Norway tomorrow, and the truth
 being told, I think they are not sad about leaving. 
 Especially the two little girls.  Home is Norway, and 
like I always say, there is no place like home.

Happy Tuesday to all.  It's soon balcony time.

I have decided to be happy, 
because it’s good for my health...