Feb 12, 2020

Wednesday ~

I miss your face.  I miss your voice.  
I miss your smile.  I miss you both...

Last Wednesday my mom and dad were still here. 
Together the four of us had a good time again. Mom and
 I enjoyed a delicious Cosmo made by yours truly,
 while Arvid and my dad enjoyed other things.

Mom and dad are getting older.  Maybe that's 

why I miss them so very much this time.  Back home in 

North Carolina, they are happy as can be, and
 of course always staying busy.  I love that 
about them.  Makes me happy to know
 that they also keep themselves
 busy with things to do.

It's going to be another very good day made even
 more special by the arrival later on today of our two 
granddaughters and the rest of the Norwegian 
family.  Happy and busy days await us.  

Start each day with a grateful heart...