Oct 10, 2021

Hello Sunday πŸ™ƒ ~

I am happy because I’m grateful. I choose to be
 grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy...

 Yesterday morning I was out early it was one of
 the days I feed the kitties 😍 as usual I was met
 at the front entrance by Mama and Rascal. 

 They have been coming out together yet at 
the same time keeping their distance. Rascal would
 love more affection but Mama is not having any of it. 
At least she “allows” him to be around her.

Senior was also there as was ShyGirl.  These are 
the 4 I usually see first.  They have their own spot.
  Which is right by the building we live in.

I walked up the hill a little and Spitfire comes 
racing down. She comes running like a race horse.
 Crying. It’s her usual.  She runs to me crying.

Then Marbles and Milo come up.   Where Marbles
 goes MacGyver follows and vice versa. Yesterday
 no MacGyver. I freaked out, but 3 minutes after
 there he was.  Boy the relief I felt was palpable.

Missing was Baby and Rocco. Not normal for 
Rocco to not be there. He’s always round waiting
 for food. My anxiety right away picked up.  

I figured Baby was still in hiding from the dogs of 
 Friday, even  though there were none yesterday.   So I was
 not overly worried, but not seeing Rooco made me worry.

I walked around calling him but noting. I went to
 the main building to drop off a letter still calling him. 
 I heard his cry. I followed the sound and knew right away he
 was trapped in one of the sheds that house the dumpsters.

He was crying and crying.  My guess is that he was
 trapped since Friday afternoon.  I found a security guard
 and told her. Luckily she had the key to the shed.  She 
opened and I went in looking for Rocco. I found him πŸ’™ 
he was dirty. Dirty, but otherwise unharmed.

  Spitfire and MacGyver hear his cries and tried
 to help.  They went to the shed and waited for Rocco.
Once freed he was pretty scared and for a second not sure
 what to do but within seconds he ran out and the all
 followed me to the spot I would usually feed them.

I was scared something had happened to little Rocco, 
and I was so happy I heard his cries, and was able to
 rescue him.  Hopefully he will never go there againπŸ™.

No feeding today, but come tomorrow I will be 
there again.  I love those kitties and I hope that there is a
 guardian anger that continues to watch over them.

Supposedly it will rain everyday from today.
 One can hope this will change.  Rain means I can’t
 feed the kitties. They won’t come out even if I do.

Today we take it easy. Have lunch at home and
 just relax.  It’s going to be a long wet day. As always 
Sniff can never get enough sleep. He’s always
 trying to catch up on more sleep.

Arvid has a game today so he’s happy.  I have my
 book so I’m happy.  Sunday, time to just sit back 
and do nothing 🀨. Happy day to all. Stay dry 
and do something that makes you happy πŸ˜€.

It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to
 take note of the things you are grateful for, you 
begin to lose sight of the things that you lack...