Oct 30, 2021

Saturday October 30th ~

 You will face many defeats in life,
 but never let yourself be defeated...

Saturday is full of soccer games.  Happy Arvid.
 Happy Sniff.  What shall I do? Not one to actually
 sit through an entire game, but who knows?

I do not know where this week went but it sure
 went by so fast.  Scary how time flies without
 one having any control over it.  Too fast.

I am extremely sad over Texie.  He was family, and it
 feels strange to know that he is no longer here.  Texie’s
 death brought back all the memories of when Brutus died.  
I cried and cried both for Texie and for Brutus. My heart broke 
again into many pieces.  At times, life is really not easy 

Sniff is doing good. These last few days he has gotten
 very vocal. especially when Arvid is around.  Sniff 
adores his dada and Arvid loves him as well.

Today we relax at home. Have lunch at home and who 
knows maybe later in the evening we go out for another 
 one of those amazing white sangrias that I love so much.

PR has me totally spoilt.  Because I love all their
 frozen drinks.  Getting addicted to all this yumminess 😍. 

I walked this morning 😌 fed “my” kitties and feel
 happy about it. I love them all. I miss Spitfire’s little face
 and her superior attitude.  I loved that little one. 

 Thing is I love them all 🖤and everyday I 
wonder which one won't be there.  Luckily all
 remaining 9 kitties were there.  Grateful

Wishing everyone a happy day. Time to give Sniff 
some brushing and some extra love.  Sniff after 
all is my little boy. My Happy place 🧡

Small steps in the right direction can
 turn out to be the biggest step in your life...