Oct 11, 2021

New Week Again ~ Monday October 11th

 I have learned over the years that when
 one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear...

The hammock had to be taken down.  Too much rain 
and too much wind.  Hopefully is a few days we can have it
 up again.  It's so nice to sit out in the balcony and lay in it.

Sniff is not always sure what's going on, but he 
likes to check everything out. For him it became a little
 hideaway spot until Arvid caught on and put it away.

Not exactly what is happening this week.  I do know
 I would like to meet up with my sister and Kimsy.
 I have been trying to make it happen, but so far
 it has not.  This may be the week it does🙏

October sure is flying by.  Time already for another
 recheck with my endocrinologist which means I
 have to do some more blood work this week. 

To all a productive week ahead.  Whatever it holds,
 give it your best shot.  That what matters.

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.
 The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach...