Oct 26, 2021

Tuesday October 26th ~

 When your head hits the pillow tonight, remind 
yourself that you've done a good job.  Be patient 
with yourself, and remember that big things are 
achieved not all at once, but one day at a time...

So far October has been an explosive month for 
my family.  Rima and family are leaving California.
  Heading to Virginia mid November.  Gabsy already
 has left California and is living in Virginia. 

One happy family.  Now we will all be in the same
 time zone.  Well come November one hour difference
 being in PR. PR does not switch time. But still good. Rima's
 time in Ca is coming to an end, and we're all happy.

Just a few days ago Mala, Gopaul and Rio said goodbye
 to Buffalo, NY.  They are calling home North Carolina. 
 Now just under three hours drive to mom and dad's.

Rio is already swimming in one of the lakes next to his new 
home in North Carolina.  If Rio is happy everyone is happy.

On Saturday Kimsy left Puerto Rico.  Boston is lucky
 to have her.  Her turn is finally here.  After a long wait Kimsy
 got the job she was aiming for.  She now works for the Boston 
Health Department as a Diabetes Epidemiologist.  Her first choice. 
I already miss her.  The best thing about the pandemic was 
that it brought us to Puerto Rico.  To Nirvana and Kimsy.

Least but not last is Nina and David.  Soon they will be leaving 
Florida and heading to New Jersey and eventually Pennsylvania.
  Nina could not be any happier.  Ever since moving to Florida
 some five years ago, all she wanted was to leave ASAP.

Life sure has given us many turns.  Who would have
 thought I would one day be living once again in Puerto Rico
 with Arvid. Who would have thought that Arvid would be the 
one most hesitant to want to leave PR?  Strange how life is.

I miss my little Spitfire.  From that aggressive new mama that
 she was, to that kitty that followed me around everywhere
 and allowed me to touch her and to pet her.  Each and 
everyone holds a special place in my heart always.

To all a happy day.  Some days are not so good, but we keep
 moving and make the best of it.  Life stops for no one.

Don't let it break you.  No matter how hard it gets, life goes on...