Oct 8, 2021

Friday October 8th ~

 I have chosen to be happy because it's good for my health...

We went for our afternoon walk yesterday, and we 
were caught in the rain. Luckily we were close to the 
car and managed to get in before getting drenched.

Before that happened we saw Chiquita and I managed 
to leave her some foodies. She was perched up in the tree 
just surveying everything and everyone around her.

I fed the kitties today. Always makes me so 
happy to see them and to feed them.  Unfortunately 
Baby was not there.  The dogs were barking, and Baby 
is terrified of them.  She hides well.  Smart girl.

It took some time before the others showed up, but 
they did.  Baby NEVER shows up if there is a hint
 of dogs around.  Hopefully tomorrow I see her.

Spitfire always follows me everywhere. Spitfire
 unlike Mama, who is not that affectionate with her 
boy Rascal, is at times very affectionate with Rocco.
 her boy, Taino's brother.  All depends on her mood.

Last night we had lots of thunder. Sniff was not 
happy and just kept moving from spot to spot. 
 Arvid tried to comfort him, but it didn’t work. 
Sniff was scared for quite some time.  

Today the skies are bright.  The sun is shining and
 no hint of rain so far.  Friday is looking good.  
Morning everyone and happy day to all.

They say a person needs just three things to be 
truly happy in this world: Someone to love,
 something to do, and something to hope for...