Oct 24, 2021

Spitfire, My Little Spitfire πŸ’”

Cats leave pawprints in our hearts...

On October 18th, Rocco became an orphan.  His brother
 Taino died in August, then his dad Poo also died in August.
  It was just him and his mama Spitfire.  That is, until the 18th, 
when Spitfire also died.  And now there was just Rocco.

She was my girl.  They all are, and each death affects me. 
 I loved this little girl like crazy.  She was one of the "originals" 
 I somehow never expected her to die.  I always thought she 
was "street" smart.  Once again I was proven wrong. 

Living in Pena Mar has "crippled" me.  I got too 
involved and I cared too much.  They say grief is the 
price you pay for love.  I have been paying that price
 for a long long time and it seems I still owe.

The above is Spitfire's last day.  I fed her in the morning
 as usual.  She ate with Rocco and with her sister Baby.  She
 always has that look as if she was better than anyone else,  
I never thought this would be our last time together.

Once again my heart is shattered, and most likely it 
will continue to be shattered.  These kitties unfortunately
 do not have a long life span.  All I can do is love them.
My heart is broken again.  I really loved this little one.

Little by little we let go of loss , but never of love...