Oct 13, 2021

Rainy Wednesday ☔ ~

 Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday...

Even thought here was thunder, there was no rain
 this morning as I headed out for my walk and to 
feed the kitties.  Unfortunately the dogs were out.  

The first thing I heard was barking and there was
 no Mama nor rascal waiting at the front for me.
  Fortunately on my way back they were there.

Also Senior was making his way along the railing,
 but Mama intercepted him.  After a little faceoff, Senior
 jumped down and went to where his foodies was. It was a 
happy morning for these three considering everything.

Sniff is so very scared of thunder.  He does not know what
 to do or where to go.  He keeps going from place to place.
  Hiding between our legs, running away just so scared.

The skies are already black.  Guessing the rain will be coming
 anytime soon now.  Thankfully I was able to go out this morning, 
and now can stay in and make sure Sniff is good and feels safe.

There is always something better after the rain...