Sep 2, 2023

A Branson Attraction ~ Aquarium at the Boardwalk

 There are two types of things to do in Branson: 
Things that cost money and things that aren’t 
much fun. Some things are both things...

Aquarium at the Boardwalk is one of the "newest"
 things to do in Branson, Missouri and is unlike any other 
aquarium you've visited.  That's what they say.  Arvid 
and I have still not gone there.  Will see how it goes.

Some features that visitors can expect to enjoy are more
 than 250 different animal species, an original 5D submarine
 adventure to the bottom of the sea sharks, a 24-foot high Kelp Forest
 climbing structure for kids, a gorgeous 16-foot view of a coral reef, 
two mirrored art installations that give the appearance of infinite 
ocean life, lionfish, and more than 7,200 individual sea animals!

 Guests will also meet the Aquarium's characters 
Aquarius, the wise and helpful Giant Pacific Octopus
 and Finn, the adventurous Golden Puffer. 

So if you ever decide to take a trip to the "wild" side 
of the country, do check out the Aquarium at the Boardwalk.  
Also the many other attractions Branson has to offer.  It's not just 
coincidence that over 9 million people visit Branson a year. There is
 a little something for everyone.  Amazing lakes and sunsets galore.

Yesterday Arvid and I enjoyed our favorite Branson outing.  
We spent a few hours at Landshark @ The Landing.  It's always the 
perfect Friday outing.  The lake was beautiful and the temperature 
perfect.  Drinks and foodies never disappoint either.  Happy

In the meantime, Branson has given us moments to cherish forever.
Here in Branson we have met wonderful people who will forever remain
 friends.  They have left a huge impact on the way I see life and have
 taught me more than any college education ever did.  For that I 
am forever grateful, and I believe I am a better person.

Tomorrow is an unknown future,
 but today is a beautiful gift to be enjoyed...