Sep 27, 2023

Leaving Branson, Missouri ~ September 27th

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

 Leaving is never easy, but it is something Arvid and I have
 gotten very good at doing.  This does not sound right, but it's a fact. 
 We came to Branson in November of 2016.  Arvid had traded 
for 2 hotels, and just like that we began something new.

By the end of 2017 we sold one of the 2 hotels.  July of 2018 
we sold the second hotel.  At that time I had gotten very attached
 to Branson and Almost Home.  Coming back now in 2023
 that changed.  I no longer felt like I belonged here.

For the years we've been in Branson, we have not really visited 
nor explored the tourist attractions.  Most are of no interest to 
us, but they do attract millions of people year round.  I always
 wonder why, but at the end of the day, it's good for business.

I have enjoyed so many things here, and one that I will definitely 
miss will be my wildlife friends.  I loved waking up to them and
 seeing them throughout the day.  Not all pretty, but all interesting.

The birds kept us all entertained.  Mostly Sniff and I. 
 Every so often even Arvid would be amazed at how pretty
 they were.  Yes, I will miss my birds a lot.  Especially my
 red cardinal I call Fatboy and the female I call Daisy.

Aside from Daisy and Fatboy there are so many other birdies that 
visit everyday.  I have grown attached to them.  Will miss them, but I 
have gotten used to missing so much in my life.  I still miss my PR kitties.  
That all being said, my life has also been enriched by each new experience, 
and I will always have beautiful memories of this time in Branson.

Sniff as always has the best spots no matter where we live.
  We always make sure he has the sun in his face.  Sunshine and 
warmth is all he wants.  Sniff is after all a Florida boy.

I even got used to the pigeons.  I am even friendly with the little squirrels.  
Yeah, they steal all the food, chase away the chipmunks but...  Before I
 would be mad at them, but I figured they are also hungry so why not.

I loved watching the sunrise from our deck and hearing the birds sing.
  Sunrises as I have always said, are beautiful no matter where you are. 
 There is just something about the peacefulness and the promise of 
new hope that makes it always special.  Place does not matter.

I definitely will miss our outings at The Landing.  This is our 
favorite place in Branson and it has always given us good times. 
 Being by the lake is special and Missouri has amazing lakes.

Pictured above is Table Rock Lake.  Table Rock Lake is
 a beautiful, clean and clear lake covers over 40,000 acres 
with nearly 800 miles of shoreline covering from
 Southwest Missouri into Northwest Arkansas.

The people in Branson.  Definitely some of the kindest and 
with the biggest hearts there is.  I will miss them, but I will 
always stay in contact with a few of my "special" friends. 

 Neither time nor distance can break the bond we made, but at 
the end of the day, I do feel it's time to go and to let someone 
else care for Almost Home the way I did and still do 💚.

I have grown attached to so many things here.  Some I will 
miss more than others.  I will definitely be missing my Gerald's
 (groundhogs)  They come every morning and wait for their carrots
 and sweet potatoes.  Seeing them stand and eat is always a pleasure.

Sniff loved watching the birds and all the wildlife around us. 
 That saddens me a little, but we get use to everything.

In Florida Sniff gets to go out on the balcony with us
 and his condo is always sunny during his afternoon naps.

It feels right. But it’s emotional. Saying goodbye to anything 
you’ve done that long is hard, and I have given Almost Home my
 everything from day one.  Branson has been very good to us.
  Even though it was not the longest of time we spent here the 
friendships we developed will always be with us.

Our backyard has provided us with hours of entertainment
 and enjoyment.  Another of my wildlife I am really going to
 miss are the deer.  They look at me as I talk to them.  They
 do not run away.  Both Arvid and I love watching them.

It was always a beautiful and scenic drives, and a little speed
 never hurt anyone.  That is of course if you don't get pulled over.

Will definitely miss these scenic drives, but the palm trees
 in Florida and the blue ocean will sure make it better.

Last night we had dinner and drinks with friends.  They had just 
returned from Puerto Rico, and yes they love it.  It was a good time.
  Lots of good memories made here in Branson.  I also had my last
 strawberry mojito for now.  In Branson.  It was delicious.

Home is and will always be Florida.  No matter where we go, 
at the end of the day we want to go back home.  Home to Florida. 
 Thank you Branson, Missouri for an experience I will never 
forget, but it's time to go home.  I will miss you.

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put
 miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with 
you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do 
not just live in a world but a world lives in you...