Sep 19, 2023

Wildlife and Some ~ Tuesday September 19th

The love for all living creatures is the most
 noble attribute of man. Each species is a masterpiece, 
a creation assembled with extreme care and genius...

 I never have a dull moment.  My wildlife keeps me 
entertained and super busy.  I spend more time preparing
 food for them than I do for Sniff, but I love them so.
I am already missing my mornings in Branson 🐦

My Gerald keeps me laughing all the time.  Just the other day
 I watched him gobble up all his carrots and sweet potatoes.  I then
 gave the turtles some brad, next thing you know Gerald steals the
 bread.  As soon as he saw me he ran behind his concrete wall. 

Lately the vultures have been "visiting" they just sit 
on the tree for hours then fly away.  Even when I go out
 and take pictures of them, they don't seem to be bothered.  
I find them interesting to watch.  The seem pretty calm.

My days are full of all sorts of entertainment from my 
wildlife friends.   I love watching the birds spread their wings 
and just sun.  The squirrels are always up to some mischief, 
and here is the turtle before Gerald stole some of his bread.

The black kitty I have seen has babies.  We have seen 2 so far. 
 Together with mama there are 3 black-gray kitties roaming, but
 I found out that many of the neighbors also feed them.  I have 
bought them water and food bowls.  Everyday between 4-6pm
 they usually show up for soft foodies.   The last couple of 
days I have not seen them, but I still leave food and
 by morning it's gone I will NOT get attached 😺

Every morning I also wake up to amazing sunrises.  
Well most mornings.  They never fail to leave me in awe.

And then we have those sunsets.  I have to say, I am
 one very lucky girl.  No matter where we go, I seem to find 
the right spot for sunrises and sunsets.  Makes me happy.

When all is said and done, Sniff is always my happy place.

Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is
 the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it...