Sep 22, 2023

Friday September 22nd~

 You'll start to worry a little less, believe a little more, 
and find sunshine after even the darkest of storms. That's 
not to say there won't be a few puddles on the road...

Every time I go into the basement I am amazed at the amount
 of work Arvid did. Mostly all by himself.  I helped a little,
 but he worked non-stop to make it the way it is today.

What a difference a few months and plain hard work makes.

Yesterday was my no cook Thursday.  Surely liking Thursdays 
more and more.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy cooking, but the clean up
 afterwards not so much.  Almost everyday I make 2 different meals.  One
 for Arvid one for me and I have many pots as the end result.  So eating
 out on Thursdays is a treat.  Yesterday it was a delicious one 🍔.

We have had heavy rain most of the night.  At least the deck
is nice and clean for a little, but pretty soon it will be filled with
 bird seeds again.  Can't not feed the birds nor the squirrels.

As mentioned previously, Branson has 
some pretty cool waterfront dining options.

To all a very good day.  Friday always something exciting happening.

How I start my day.  Everyday.  I love this so much.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy 
not on the fighting the old, but on building the new...