Sep 7, 2023

September 7th ~

My family is my strength and my weakness...

 With just a few day, there is a lot of catching up to do
 and a lot of food to eat.  Combined with my mom's cooking 
there is food to feed an army.  Won't hear me complaining.  
Since I did not have my Labor Day BBQ in Missouri, 
we are having it in North Carolina.  Happy me.

Mala is coming over tomorrow.  Can't wait to see her.  
Last time was April.  That's too long for me, but on the other 
hand, sometimes it's not always possible to see each other
 more often.  That's why when we are together we make 
the most of our time.  Just like all families do.

Today is a rest day for my mom from the kitchen, even 
though she has already made so much food.  Today I take 
them out to a relaxing dinner.  Always a good time.

To all a very good day; here in NC it is peaceful and calming. 
 We all find our piece of heaven right here on earth.

Life may carry us apart, but together
 we remain in each other's heart. ..