Sep 20, 2023

Wednesday September 20th ~

Sometimes life takes you on a journey that
 changes everything you thought you wanted...

 Arvid, Sniff and I wish everyone a good day. 
 Our time in Branson is nearing to an end, but we still 
have quite a lot to do. Still many busy days ahead.

I continue to be delighted every morning with my wildlife.  
My wildlife keeps me happy.  Here is mama deer and her
 now two grown up babies.  They love corn and carrots.

Arvid keeps himself busy most of the time 
with trips to Almost Home.  I go in sporadically.

Last week as I was helping out at The View, our second hotel I
 was "rewarded" with a painful blister.  It's healing pretty well so can't 
even complain.  Yesterday as I was cooking I got careless and sliced
 my finger with the scissors.  That bled quite a lot and did hurt a bit.  

I hope today I do not break any bones or injure some other 
body part.  I'm running out of body parts to injure.  On a good
 note, I heal fairly fast, and if I don't it does not really 
matter I still have to do all of the exact same things.

A good day to all and let us not forget that no matter 
what, there is always something to be grateful for.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you 
reap, but by the seeds that you plant...