Sep 24, 2023

Florida Is Calling ~ Sunday September 24th

It's been a long time.  I'm so glad to be coming back home

Getting myself re-oriented to be back in Florida. 
 A little Florida humor sure sets the mood.

Florida is calling and we must soon go.  Looking forward
 so much to being home in Florida again.  Walks downtown
 and more. And that's our building in the middle of it all.

Looking forward to Art Walk, Music Walk and just being 
downtown again.  Had a good time in Branson, but it's time to head 
back to winter wonderland.  Back soon to the Sunshine State.

Sniff has had a good run also in Branson, but back home in Florida 
the sunshine awaits him.  He will soon be basking in it for hours on end.

I'm all excited about going back to Publix.  My favorite grocery 
store in Florida.  Looking forward to Friday night pizza, sunrises
 on the balcony and those amazing sunsets.  Yes, it's soon 
time to go back home to Florida, the Sunshine State 🌞.

Here in Branson Sniff knows something is going on, and every 
so often he gets into this "playful" mood and just tries to bite.  He's not
 really biting, but Arvid still thinks he is, Arvid is also learning.

The thrill of coming home has never changed...