Sep 28, 2023

September 28th~

My relationship with Florida is fraught 
because I didn't want to be living there always, 
but then after I left I really missed it...

 Today Sniff and I return to Fort Myers, Florida. 
 Arvid will soon follow.  Sniff and I fly, and Arvid 
will drive .  For now our stay in Branson is over. 
 Bittersweet, but I'm also very ready to go home.

As soon as we arrive I will be once again busy with
 doctors appointments.  Just some more tests and rechecks.  
Nothing to worry about, just have to get it done.

I am excited to be going back home, at the same time 
sad as well.  Many things I will miss in Branson.  Definitely
 my wildlife, but I will also miss Mary from Almost Home.  
I do worry about her and I hope she will be okay.

Life as the say is a long lesson in humility.   I am ready 
to go home, but the life and experiences we had in Branson will 
forever be with me.  Thank you Branson and Almost Home 
for these memorable times.  Until we meet again 😍

As Sniff and I get ready to leave, a part of my heart is heavy.

The "good" thing about Florida is that there is nothing
 to get attached to.  It's beautiful, but so are many 
other places.  That being said, we're going home.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose...