Sep 15, 2023

Friday September 15th ~

The difference between winning 
and losing is most often not quitting...

It's already starting to feel like fall.  We are having some beautiful days.

 Yesterday Sniff and my wildlife had their Chewy 
delivery.  All happy as can be and have lots to eat.

After eating he napped.  First on this spot in the living room,
 then he moved to the second bedroom.  My so called office where he
 has another bed.  Sniff has four sets of beds around the house.

Today I have volunteered my time to help Kurt at our second
 hotel, The View.  Today I will be the housekeeper at The View.  
We are part owners so everything we do is also to our advantage.

We have a pretty busy morning today, and then 
hopefully we will have time in the afternoon to do
 our Friday outing.  Where else but The Landing.

 For now I leave you with a little Florida humor.  
Everyone has a sense of humor. If you don't laugh 
at jokes, you probably laugh at opinions😂. 

Both good and bad days should end with productivity. 
Your mood affairs should never influence your work...