Sep 21, 2023

Thursday September 21st~

Always believe in yourself and keep going...

Yesterday I spent a few hours dicing carrots and sweet 
potatoes for the deer.  Apart from corn, they also love carrots
 and sweet potatoes.  The Grealds preparation is much easier 
because I do not have to dice them in bite size.  They can
 pick it up hold it and gobble it up, whereas the deer can't.

Sniff and Arvid continue to keep me happy.  Just watching 
the interaction between the two of them warms my heart.

Yesterday was a busy and a little stressful day, but now it's done. 
 Today promises to be less busy and definitely not stressful.  
Arvid and I are keeping busy.  To all a very good day.

My mornings here always begin on a beautiful note.

Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams 
according to your vision and purpose instead of 
the expectations and opinions of others...