May 31, 2024

Friday May 31st~

To find peace, sometimes you have to be willing 
to lose your communication with people, places and
 things that create all the noise in your life...

 And just like that another month is done with.  May sure
 flew by faster than most, at least that is my impression.

An early morning walk.  Peaceful and calming.  I really 
don't want to get up at 5:50 in the morning, but it's the best
 time to beat the heat.  Good thing I don't do it everyday🙈.
The workers finished this roof in one day.  We watched.

Yesterday this memory popped up.  It is one of my favorite 
pictures of our little Shadow.  This was the first time he was
 going to go to the vet.  November 2015.  As always he
 was cool as a cucumber.  Fearless he was ❤

Arvid is at a trade meeting, doing what he loves.  He's been 
there since yesterday, but I choose to not go.  This particular
 place the meeting is being held hold absolutely no interest to me.
  I really did try to find something I could do during the time Arvid
 would be in the meeting, but could not come up with anything.  

Instead I stayed home.  I took a friend in the building out
 to lunch, who also happens to be Sniff's pet-sitter.  We had
 Indian food.  Was so good.  Arvid does not like Indian so unless I
 am on my own I rarely get to enjoy it out much.  It's good to have
 some time on my own.  Already have today all planned out.

A very good morning/good day to all.  Time to get going.  
My day is packed and I need to get as much done as possible.

 Life humbles you as you age.  You realize
 how much time you wasted on nonsense...