May 21, 2024

Tuesday May 21st~

As we go through life, we will always
 create more and more memories that we will 
one day find ourselves reminiscing about...

 Facebook has this thing about showing you your memories.  
Last night it was my wildlife friends from Branson.  I really miss
 them.  I keep telling it to Arvid quite often lately.  Miss my Daisy, 
Fatboy, the deers, my Geralds (groundhog) and all the others.

I can't say I really miss running Almost Home.  There 
was a time for that, and now Kurt is the one running it.  I don't 
feel that connected anymore, but it will always have a special 
place with me.  It brought me a lot of satisfaction and I met some 
amazing people.  That has not changed.  The people are still 
amazing, and we have made many friends in Branson.

Believe it or not, I miss our home.  There all the wildlife 
showed up and they were all fed and cared for.  They
 made me happy during the time we lived there.

It's okay to reminisce sometimes.  Life has been good to us. 
 Taken us in many directions and our Branson time will forever
 be special to me.  Sniff loved his homes in Branson as well. 

No matter what, Branson will forever hold a special place 
in my heart.  Tuesday already, the week is moving along fast.  
Aside from the heat all is the same.  Arvid does a little "work" 
at the warehouse to stay busy.  Meanwhile, I just have a lot of 
ideas floating around of things I would like to do this summer.

Mornings first glow.  I love it.  Hopefully the marina 
will one day soon be re-built.  Demolition is done, so now
 construction should begin.  At least that's how I see it.

Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has 
many bends, ups and down, but that's its beauty...