May 28, 2024

Tuesday May 28th~

Do anything, but let it produce joy...

 Around 11 in the morning yesterday Arvid asked me,
 "so what shall we do today?"  I said we should probably 
go and check out the new place that just opened up:
 Bay Street Yard.  Of course he said "good plan."  

The day was going to be very hot so we planned on 
going a bit later than our usual afternoon walks.

The drinks are delicious and they make everything 
you can want for.  There was live music the last 3 days and 
according to their website there will be live music most days.
  We had a good time and this is just one of the many new
 "things" coming downtown Fort Myers.  We're happy.

There is also food provided by three food trucks. 
 Check out their website.  Pretty cool place.

A good day to all.  It will be another scorcher for us.

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a
 genuine interest in all the details of daily life...