May 18, 2024

Saturday May 18th~

 As long as you know your heart and intentions
 are pure, don't explain yourself to anyone...

I was out early again the other morning trying to get in a
 little exercise before the sun heats us.  It was not even 6 AM
 and like the days before, it was already 82F  (28C).  

I love mornings and no matter how often I do the same 
thing, see the same things, it is always different.  On this day
 the sky was all dark, but the contrast with the blue waters 
of the pool just made it even more beautiful.

Depending on the time, I get to see a variety of colors in the sky. 

These two and their routines.  I love watching them together.

And some more Florida happenings.  Never a dull moment
 that's for sure.  No one does it like Florida, be it good or bad😂

Demolition is done.  Now to do the clean up.
  The other day it rained so much making it impossible to 
do any work for a few hours, but as soon as the rain 
stopped the guys were back on the job.  

Soon Arvid and Sniff will be without a "job"  Just hoping 
that another "job" shows up soon so that they can stay busy.

Last night was Music Walk Downtown Fort Myers.
  We were there.  Started out at our favorite spot, Hideaway. 
 More like Arvid's favorite spot.  The drinks are always 
good and the entertainment (people watch)even better. 

Participate in life instead of just watching it pass you by...