May 1, 2024

May 1st ~ New Month

May is the month of promise and 
the sweet beginnings of summer...

 It's the first day of May.  You know what 
that means. Four days until Cinco de Drinko. 
 Hello May, please be good to all us 🌸.

May is the time when everything awakens and springs into action.

May 2023.  We were in Branson.  Our roses were blooming in 
our front yard, and I was enjoying a different kind of life.  I think
 of Branson often.  Not so much the hotels, but more the wildlife 
friends I left behind.  I did enjoy those days, and I miss them.

May is also the month we celebrated Brutus and
 Shadow's birthday.  My sister Nina and our niece Reshma 
also celebrate birthdays this month making May
 another favorite month in our family.

There is lots going on to keep Arvid busy right now.  He runs
 with his binoculars from the balcony to the bedroom to the office.
  No matter where he looks there is something happening. Men at 
work big machinery, definitely time to get the binoculars. 

A good day to all and hopefully a great month ahead as well.

May, the month of sunshine, blooming 
flowers, and endless possibilities...