May 5, 2024

~Sunday, Cinco de Mayo~

 Cinco de Mayo: because the margarita won't drink itself....

Tequila and margaritas may not be my "thing" but there are
 many other "things" that I do enjoy.  Life is delicious 🍹

Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration held on May 5, 
which commemorates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862. 
In addition to its historical roots, it’s also the perfect
 time to pay tribute to Mexican culture🎊

Cinco de Mayo, Branson 2023.  Yes, I miss these furry 
friends, and I hope they are all doing well.  Of course Sniff 
slept most of the day.  Nothing messes with his naps.  

Here at home we are still waiting for this boat to be taken away. 
 It's been picked up, but still sitting at the marina on a barge.

Yesterday we visited Nina, David and Max in Tampa.
  As always we had a very good time.  With Max you never
 stop laughing.  And the thing is he does not even know how 
funny he is.  Food was good, company excellent and we even 
sang an early Happy Birthday to Nina and had carrot cake.

At the end of the day, we can endure
 much more than we think we can...