May 8, 2024

Wednesday May 8th~

Farewell Lil' Bit! Every new beginning
 comes from some other beginning's end...

 It's been a few sad days for everyone who has been 
 following the journey of E23, M15 and F23 this season. 
 E23 was last seen on Friday May the 3rd.  The parents 
are still close by to the nest, but no sightings of
 baby E nicknamed Lil' Bit by his followers.

The Pritchett cameras continue to monitor the area, and everyone
 is hoping for one more time.  In life we always want that one
 last time to see a loved one, to be with a loved one.

Sunday is Mother's Day in the USA.  Sniff is already
 starting to wish all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day.  

Yesterday after breakfast Arvid and I saw the Dolphin/Dolphin
🐬 once again swimming around.  Yesterday he stayed around for a 
while entertaining us.  Hope to see him again today.  In the meantime,
 the marina is coming down more and more each minute.  Happy!

If you're brave enough to say goodbye, 
life will reward you with a new hello...