May 6, 2024

Monday May 6th~

Never underestimate the power you 
have to take your life in a new direction...

 Sniff doing a little more scoping out on his own while 
Arvid is in the balcony doing his own scoping out.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing how much of the marina
 will be demolished today.  Hopefully most of it; which means
 (we sure hope) that pretty soon the re-build will begin.

I mentioned to Arvid that we need to have a little getaway, 
somewhere we can just drive.  Neither of us too keen on flying 
if not necessary.  He told me he was getting restless, now he has
 something to think about.  I already know what and where I want 
to go, and he has hints so hopefully he chooses correctly 😂

To all a very good day and an even better week ahead.
Looking back can also be beautiful, as long as we don't stay there.

Cinco de Mayo Florida way.  Can't be beat.

As for Arvid and I, we had a more laid back time, and we loved it.

Anyone can have a good day, but you
 have to be able to perform on a bad day...