May 7, 2024

Tuesday May 7th~

The temperature rises, but so does my summer spirit...

 The heat is here to stay.  Love Florida, but summer sure 
is hot.  Even Sniff is doing a little complaining right now.

Today is my sister Nina's birthday.  She and her husband 
David are here in Florida at their home in Tampa. 
 So happy we got to see them on Saturday.

Though very hot Arvid and I try to get out for walks 
in the afternoons.  After all, I have my little friends waiting
 for me, but soon we may have to consider something else.

We continue to "monitor" the demolition progress. 
 The marina is almost completely demolished.  Looking 
forward to see what happens in the weeks to come.

Summer in Florida is sweltering, but I am so looking 
forward to it this year.  Looking forward to doing
 a few things that I like, and that I want🙏

A good day to all, and regardless 
of how it goes down, life goes on😂

Look for something in each day, even if 
some days you have to look a little harder...