Apr 12, 2020

April 12th ~ Flashbacks

You live life looking forward, you
 understand life looking backward...

Life is made up of beautiful moments.  Moments 
that last forever.  Here are just some of those 
that I carry in my 💖with me at all times.

Another favorite is of Michelle as a little girl.  
Here we are together in Norway.  This was Arvid's 
summer house.  This is where he first took 
me when we met.  Beautiful memories.

Danielle and I.  Long time ago when I lived briefly in New Jersey.
She was a cutie then and still is a cutie today.  Love love her.

Seems life a lifetime ago.  Victoria and I enjoying a boat
 ride in Fort Lauderdale or as she calls it Paradise🌴.  Life
sure has given me so much for which to be thankful.

One of the memories that will forever keep pooping
 up is our Brutus.  The years will pass, but my love for Brutus
 will always be there.  What Brutus meant to Arvid and I not
many will ever understand.  My Brutus will forever be
 in my heart. A memory I will never let go of.

Life as we knew it is changing.  I don't exactly
know what this means, but right now nothing is what it
used to be. Hopefully one day when this is over, we
will live in a better world, be better people.

Sunday looms on.   A beautiful day again here.  Warm,
but grateful to be isolated in this little paradise we call home.
Happy day to all.  Soon this too will be a memory 🙌.

Let's just remember that we have to fight through
some bad days to earn the better days in our lives.

In looking back, I see nothing to regret, and little to correct.