Apr 20, 2020

Monday April 20th ~

I'll look back on this and smile because
 it was life and I decided to live it...

Today I have been thinking about the different
places we have been to.  Norway comes to mind,
and the wonderful times we have had there. 

Family and the scenery.  Makes for one of the
most beautiful countries I have been to. 

One of our favorite hangouts is right across the street 
from Arvid's mom's apartment.  It's called Fishland and it is 
there we spend some of the best times when in Norway.

It's where Arvid and i usually go in the evenings 
to just relax, enjoy the view and enjoy something to 
drink and nibble on.  The perfect location in Horten. 

With so much time that we have, I go through my pictures. 
 Lots of beautiful memories there.  Arvid looks at places in
 Puerto Rico.  Why?  Guess he's also bored and wishing we
 could be there right now.  We each do what we enjoy. He
enjoys day dreaming about PR, and I enjoy my memories.

Norway?  Puerto Rico?  Either way you look at it 
both are beautiful and in each place there is family, that 
makes it even more special.  Life has been good to us 
and for that we will always be thankful and grateful.

The above takes us back to Puerto Rico.  We were
 just there in March.   Seems like such a long time ago. 
 Now I wish we were there as much as Arvid does.

Monday and life is good.  Nothing wrong with 
some wishful thinking.  We have what we need and for 
that I am grateful.  What are you grateful for today?

Take pride in how far you have come,
and have faith in how far you can go...