Apr 22, 2020

Wednesday April 22nd ~

You can only say WTF so many times a
 day until you just decide to start drinking...

Some days I just don't feel it.  Today is one of 
those days.  I an fed up right now with this situation, 
like I know many are.  Like everyone I repeat to myself,
 "Stay home.  Stay safe"  Not working today.
Drinking is looking better and better.

Yesterday we were a little busy.  Happy for that.
  We did a little transport.  Required hiring a guy to 
help us move an engine.  I didn't have to do much, 
but being out was good.  And I took pictures. 

As part of our walking in the afternoons, we incorporate 
the steps at the Broward Performing Arts Center into our daily
 "workout"  Feels like we are doing a little "extra" and we like it.

Hello Wednesday.  What's in store for us today?

What a year this week has been...