Apr 23, 2020

April 23rd, 2020

In life it's not where you go,
it's who you travel with...

April 23rd 2017.  We lived in Branson, and believe it or
 not we had many special moments.  On of our favorite places
 was Chateau on the lake in Branson, Missouri.  I have the 
best memories of Branson.  Life was hectic, but was good.

Some memories can never be erased. Branson, Missouri,
 one of the most cherished times and experiences
 in my life.  I miss it and I miss everyone.

Today Sniff and Arvid celebrate another year.
 No matter where we are as long as we are
together everything is going to be all right.

Happy birthday to the loves of my life.  I love
 you both.  You both are the reason I smile everyday.
 Brutus and Shadow send their love to their baby brother
Sniff and to their dada.  Dada was Brutus' best friend.
I love you dada and I miss you and mama.

Happy birthday to my Sniff and Arvid.  I love you both.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that 
no matter what I have been through,
 I have you to come back to...