Apr 13, 2020

Monday April 13th ~

We did it last week.  We can do it again this week, 
 even better.  Let's be awesome together.  Happy new week...

Easter came and Easter went.  Did not notice a 
difference in the day.  Suddenly all the days seem to be
 the same.  That is, if I can remember what day of the week
 it actually is.  Yup!  That's how I feel right now.

Woke up to a pretty windy morning, but it's
nice and warm so no complaints here.  Balcony
time today will be nice and breezy. Like it.

People are starting to feel the isolation,
and unfortunately many are not following
the social distancing rules as before. 

Right below us, two of the boats were having
parties.  People kept going from one boat to another,
 and as Arvid said not all were teenagers/young. 
There were a few grown adults, who should
 have had better sense, but the didn't

Boats are passing along the River with more
people than what's called for during these times.
 Hopefully this does not lead to that second
 spread of the virus I keep hearing about.

I'm already tired with watching so much TV, but what
 is the alternative right now?  A little cleaning today.  Have
already sorted through my closets several time, who knows
 maybe today I might find some more stuff to give away.

It's a new week and with each passing day this virus
 is coming to an end.  At least one can hope.

 Wishing everyone a great week ahead.  Think positive, we
 are all in this together, and soon we will be seeing better days.

It's only after you've stepped outside your
 comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and 
transform.  More smiling, less worrying...