Apr 7, 2020

April 7th, A Beautiful Day Here ~

Get busy living or get busy dying...

Absolutely nothing new going on right now, 
but fortunately we still get to see a few things from 
our spot on the balcony.  This old beat up boat just passed
 along.  The man in the boat was collecting trash from 
the canals.  Something to see.  Happy.

Then we have the early morning paddle boarders.  
Suddenly we see so many people paddle boarding.
  It's back to enjoying nature and appreciating
 what s right in our backyards.  Not all is bad.

Arvid and I continue to enjoy our time on the balcony.
We are fortunate, the days are beautiful and the scenery is bright.

Looking through my memory trunk I have come 
across so many pictures.  So many memories.  Today's memory.

Arvid, Riley and I many years ago.  I miss  you all.

If you don't like the road you're walking, start
paving another one, life is a series of baby steps...