Apr 1, 2020

April Fool's Day ~

Always believer that something 
wonderful is about to happen...

Like most in the world right now, our days are spent
 very relaxed.  Lots of free time on on our hands.  Arvid 
and I are still friends.  We still like each other 😍

We watch Sniff do his thing.  He keeps us laughing
 quite often in the day.  Arvid spends more time paying 
attention to Sniff and talking to him.  I love it.

Recently I  have been hear Arvid saying to Sniff,
"you know you have a cute little face."  For
most this might sound ridiculous, but to
me it's the sign of love happening.

 Since Brutus died I don't think Arvid has really
 opened up to Sniff.  Maybe now is the start of it.
We both loved Brutus with all our hearts.

Neither of us can nor will ever forget Brutus.
Not in a million year. I miss him, and I know Arvid
does as well, but we also have Sniff and Sniff is love.
Sniff asks for nothing and gives us his everything.

 I love our Sniff.  My Brutus took a part of my heart.
Sniff has a part of my heart and Sniff is here with us.

So what are you grateful for today?
As a reminder stay home.  Stay safe.

When something good happens, travel to celebrate.
When something bad happens, travel to forget. If nothing 
happens, travel to make something happen.  Today expect 
something good to happen no matter what happened yesterday...