Apr 19, 2020

Sunday April 19th ~ Still In Lockdown

I know what I have to do now, I've got to keep 
breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. 
Who knows what the tide could bring...

The talk about reopening the state of Florida is exciting, 
but the way it looks right now it will still be some time before
 South Florida reopens.  For now, we are just happy that there
 are talks about it.  As Arvid said, maybe we can go back to 
Puerto Rico, Chicago and Las Vegas after all of this.

For now, we will continue to enjoy the balcony and the daily
 entertainment it provides.  Still better than the alternative.

Sniff is enjoying some relaxing and pampering days.
 Nothing different for him.  He's a happy boy and he
keeps us laughing, when he's not trying to bite us.

Like most we keep doing our walks.  I take my
 pictures.  We sit on the balcony and watch a lot
 of TV. I also read a lot and am experimenting
on cooking different foods.  Things I like.
 My next venture will be to bake bread. 

I used to do many years ago when I lived in California.
 I baked pies, cakes and experimented on many foods.
  With Arvid I have never done this.  Arvid does not try
 anything, but maybe he will try the bread if I do make it.

Arvid is already done with his Sunday calls.  He
said to me, "I finished the calls even faster than usual."
 I asked how come and why.  His answer, "there is nothing
new happening.  Nothing really to talk about."

 I understand that too.  Now that I have so much
 time, the last thing I want to do is call anyone. 
But family is family and of course I call,
and always makes me happy as well.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Sunday after all.
  Our day to relax.  Since the coronavirus, everyday
is a day to relax.  I want "normal" back.

What we do during our working hours
 determines what we have; what we do in
 our leisure hours determines what we are.