Apr 18, 2020

Saturday April 18th ~

There comes a point in your life, when you realize
 that turning the page is the best feeling in the world
 because there is so much more to the book
 than the page you were stuck on...

Everywhere and everyone, people are getting tired 
of lockdown.  Here in Florida reopening is starting in the 
form of beaches and parks for now.  Social distancing 
is still in effect, and supposedly it will continue
 for a while even when restrictions are lifted.

Yesterday over 100 people gathered in downtown 
Orlando holding signs and chanting a call to reopen
 the state during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Florida 
does not have the best track record for getting 
things done right, and this is not helping much.

In all of this pandemic, there are some beautiful 
things happening in the world.  Many bring hope
 and joy to others just by their gestures.  Take for 
instance this praying hand in Hollywood, Florida.  
A very inspiring sight for those who pass by.

 Here in Fort Lauderdale we are still not out our of 
lockdown.  Fort Lauderdale's Mayor Dean Trantalis 
said in a newsletter Wednesday that the city is looking 
to have a phased reopening once the coronavirus
 pandemic begins to slow down in the area. 

Meanwhile here at home all is well.  We are also getting 
restless, but that does not mean we will be careless and 
stupid.  This is where people need to use their common 
sense.  Just because things are starting to reopen, does 
not mean we will be part of the crowd.  Not for now. 

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Let's remember, we
 are in this together.  Better days will soon be here.

Spend time thinking of what you want 
rather than what you don't want...