Apr 24, 2020

Friday April 24th ~

The greatest win is walking away and choosing
not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all...

On any given day, the Downtowner Saloon is usually packed. 
 Now, during the Coronavirus times, it still sees it share of 
 loyal customers.  All/many practicing social distancing.

Walks are enjoyable.  Gets us out and no matter what 
there is always something to see.  It has been very
 breezy lately.  Arvid keeps saying, "this is how
 it will be like in Puerto Rico.  Love it."

  I guess now with so much time on our hands, one
 can fantasize about what we would like to do.  Right
 now it's Puerto Rico, Chicago and a good steak.

Arvid told me to not look at these pictures because 
now he wants one.  He says he does not want me 
to make steaks at home, but tomorrow I will.

Looking back to when we frequented restaurants.  Kaluz 😄

Happy Friday everyone. 
Looking forward to better days.

If you feel happy, Smile with all your hear.
Vibe high and the magic around you will unfold...