Apr 6, 2020

Monday April 6th ~ New Week Is Here

Today in not just another day.  It's a new opportunity.
Another chance, a new beginning.  Embrace it...

Yesterday I got a kick out of Arvid and I in masks. 
 It's not funny, but on the other hand when you really
 think of it, it is.  This is what we have been reduced to in
 order to be safe.  Here it is recommended you wear a
 mask when in a public place.  We were at Lowe's.

My mom, sisters and I had a good laugh. 
 All my mom said was, "please you and Arvid
 don't do anything illegal."  Still laughing.

Any outing today is a real treat.  My sister and
 husband were bored yesterday, and even they went
 for a drive, and where did they go Lowe's.  But 
they didn't go in.  Even so it was an outing.

We also did our Sunday drive along the beach.
 The beach is just as pretty except it looks so different.
 There is no one on it.  People are still walking and riding
 their bicycles, but not as many.  The entire strip
 looks like a ghost town.  Quiet. Different.

Last night I was going through some pictures and
came across these of Arvid's mom and dad.  I know
💚 Molly reads my blog, and I am happy she will see 💛
 these pictures in it there is one of her and her sister.

To all a good day.  The news said this will be one of
the worst weeks if not the worst for this virus.  Please stay
 safe.  Stay home.  And so begins another week.

Everything will be okay in the end. 
If it's not okay, it's not the end...