Apr 15, 2020

Wednesday April 15th~ In This Together

When the crisis comes, we all pull together naturally.
  It's easy then.  It's when things drag on too long we 
have to make the effort.  We need to make sure 
everyone sees we're all in this together...

Everything seems to be blended into one these days, 
but Arvid always keeps me entertained.  He is funny. 

 In the above picture, he is "spying" on someone who he 
thinks he recognizes, based on the persons way of walking.

We have had some pretty heavy winds lately, but it sure makes
 watching the palm tress swaying even more spectacular.

Our best outlet is still the balcony.  Here at least 
we have something to watch at all times.  We are getting
 tired of it, but when we think of the alternative, we feel
 pretty lucky.  At least we have something to look at.

This lady cruising in her boat with just her husband.
And with a mask.  Fresh air, just the two of them, why the mask?

The days are going by slowly but surely.  Can't wait until the
day everything is back to being "normal"  Lockdown is no fun.
Back in North Carolina, my dad stays busy in the yard.

We have been seeing quite a lot of boasts on the river lately,
 both big and small.  Would be nice to have a boat now. 

Happy day to all.  Better days are coming.

Individually, we are one drop.
  Together, we are an ocean..